Responsible Business Policy

donnelly fresh is a leading Irish supplier for the retail, food service and wholesale markets. Our 3 businesses – donnelly fresh foods, donnelly fresh produce and donnelly fresh farms – cover the full spectrum of what our customers, partners and suppliers need, from sourcing and farming to creating, producing, packing and final delivery.

Our purpose is  to  bring the best in fresh produce and fresh food solutions to the Irish consumer

We understand that our business is inextricably linked with the health of our planet and the wellbeing of workers and communities throughout our value chain. We know that we have a duty to operate responsibly and are committed to integrating sustainability into our decision-making and engaging with our key stakeholders to fulfil our vision/ambition. As a partner we are committed to working with our customers and suppliers to support and enhance each other’s sustainability goals.

This policy statement outlines our Responsible Business strategy, which guides our decision-making in line with our ambition/vision. The Pillars and Themes reflect the areas of our greatest societal and environmental impacts, risks, and opportunities, as well as the expectations of our stakeholders.


Our Pillars & Themes

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We are committed to managing and mitigating our impacts on nature, through our farming practices  and management of our carbon emissions, waste and energy use.

Our priority themes:

Sustainable Farming

Climate Action


Energy Management

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Our Products & Services

We are committed to collaborating with stakeholders across our value chain to manage environmental impacts, worker wellbeing and support local production.

Our priority themes:

Responsible Sourcing

Local Producers

Distribution & Logistics

Packaging & Plastics

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Our People


We are committed to a positive work environment that champions inclusivity, health & safety, wellbeing and career development

Our priority themes:

Diversity & Inclusion

Employee Wellbeing

Training & Development

Local Employment

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Our Communities

We are committed to having a positive impact on the communities we operate in, through engagement, support and health & nutrition education

Our priority themes:

Community Engagement

Charitable & Sponsorship Activities

Health & Nutrition Education


The implementation of this Responsible Business framework is supported by our commitments to:

  • Protect and enhance nature wherever possible in all of our farming activities and procurement choices
  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment by managing and mitigating our carbon emissions, waste and resource use
  • Collaborate with our suppliers and customers to drive innovative solutions to challenges in sustainable food provision
  • Champion healthy food and nutrition through collaborating with our customers and supporting education initiatives
  • Maintain a positive, supportive and collaborative working environment
  • Promote strong labour practices, health and safety standards and worker wellbeing across our operations and throughout our supply chain
  • Engage with and communicate transparently with all our stakeholders
  • Measure our impacts and minimise these through setting targets and monitoring our progress
  • Disclose information about material sustainability issues in line with the best practice standards
  • Provide the necessary training and resources to our team to effectively implement this strategy


Our team hold the responsibility for the management and integration of sustainable practices into our everyday operations. Under assigned pillar leaders, they manage a range of projects and meet regularly to update on progress and agree on strategic priorities and actions. They are supported fully by the donnelly fresh board of directors.

This policy is adopted on 01/12/2023 and will be reviewed annually. It is shared with all employees and made available publicly via our website.

James O’Connor CEO donnelly fresh