fruit ripening capabilities

donnelly fresh produce in-house fruit ripening is a game changer for our customers. Before the produce even reaches us, we work closely with our supply partners to facilitate fruit ripening during transportation. This preparation through partnership puts us in optimal position once the fruit reaches our warehouse.

At donnelly fresh produce we ripen seven days allowing us to maximise shelf life across a range of different fruits. Each range is handled with care and stored in separate ripening rooms in order to keep them at their optimum temperature on arrival.

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a natural process

Nature can’t be rushed with ripening times ranging from 1-4 days. Each product is constantly monitored by our full time experienced ripening operator and set to a specific ripening schedule depending on variety and country of Origin.

The convenience this service provides our customers, coupled with the benefit of reduced food waste, has led donnelly fresh produce to invest in a double site expansion of our ripening rooms ensuring we can service the ever increase increasing demands.

donnelly fresh Fruit Ripening - testing the ripeness of an avocado

did you know?

Once our avocados have reached peak ripeness we pack immediately on site and deliver the same day to store ensuring the quickest route to consumers for the best eating experience.

A closeup image of a kiwi sliced in half
donnelly fresh lots of peaches
donnelly fresh Avocados, a pile of avocados with one sliced open