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Today’s consumers want convenience, and they want it now. From delicious self-serve and pre-packed deli salads to prepared stir-fry and roasting vegetables, we make it our business to take the hassle out of healthy. Leafy salads, food-to-go meal solutions and ready to eat sandwich fillers are just a few of the many fresh and tasty products in our range. We work with each customer to tailor each offering to their own brand’s unique requirements.

We work with seasonality firmly in mind, always prepared to refresh ranges and offerings throughout the year. Our experience means we understand the need to be flexible and adapt quickly to shifts in the market, giving our customers peace of mind that we will deliver for them no matter what.

imagination at the heart

Turning product concepts into reality gives us a genuine thrill. With creativity and imagination at the heart of donnelly fresh foods, we believe there is no limit to the exciting, delicious products we can deliver for our customers.

The freshest produce gives us a solid foundation to work with and from there the possibilities are endless. Here’s a closer look at the many formats we offer:

  • Exciting range of bulk and pre-packed deli salads
  • Ready to cook value added vegetables for stir fry and roasting
  • Tasty sandwich fillers for easy prepared lunches
  • Food-to-go meal solutions for busy consumers
  • Wide range of prepared vegetables and salads for foodservice solutions
donnelly fresh foods greenbean, peas and mangetout salad
donnelly fresh foods orzo pasta salad
donnelly fresh foods chicken tikka on bread
donnelly fresh foods stirfry with prawns and broccoli
donnelly fresh foods olive pasta salad
donnelly fresh foods coleslaw

did you know?

We process over 250,000 heads of cabbage each year to produce our wide range of delicious coleslaws.

A close up show of red cabbage
Close up image of savoy cabbage
donnelly fresh Coleslaw in a bowl