we are donnelly fresh.

Fresh produce and fresh ideas delivered with a fresh attitude.

We’re grounded in a proud history of bringing people across Ireland the absolute best. What began in Dublin’s Smithfield Market has developed into a thriving business with specialist expertise across sourcing, farming and value adding innovation.

Our business has grown but together we ensure our roots remain the same. The best quality, unwavering customer service, with family always at the heart. When you’re dealing with us, you’re dealing with real people. That’s the promise we make to every single one of our partners, customers and suppliers.

What We Do

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donnelly fresh Salad
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our brand values

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Being progressive drives our hunger for innovation and ensures we always strive for better. We harness our collective expertise to excite the Irish market.

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We genuinely love what we do and it’s clear to everyone who meets us. Being adventurous means we search the globe for the freshest and best produce.

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What we do goes far beyond fresh produce. From the knowledge we share to the concepts we create, everything we do is inspired by consumer lifestyles.

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We’re close to the source. Our respect for what’s natural guides every decision we make.

our history

Ireland has changed a lot since we first set up our stall in Dublin’s Smithfield Market. As the market has evolved, we’ve kept pace, leading our customers through the dynamic, fast paced consumer landscape and positioning them at the forefront of new trends.

History Timeline

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