We’re a third generation family business but our family has grown to include growers from all across the globe. There’s a whole world of delicious, fresh produce out there and these strong partnerships enable us to bring the best to the Irish market.

We work with growers in over 20 countries. From zingy citrus and juicy stone fruit to leafy greens and vine ripened vegetables, we tirelessly source the highest quality produce from each end of the globe. Whatever our customers need, our partnerships ensure we can deliver.

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market expertise

For more than four decades we’ve brought the best local and international produce to family tables across Ireland through our partnerships with the leading Retailers and Foodservice providers in the market. We know exactly what Irish consumers love. This deeply rooted knowledge is underpinned by serious category and market expertise, making donnelly fresh the preferred partner for the Irish market.

From fresh local and international produce, to exciting innovation and seamless distribution solutions, our business has the scale to deliver across a wide range of needs for our suppliers, partners and customers. Everything we do is delivered with the same care and responsiveness that stems from our roots as a family business.

A selection of onions and garlic in a basket

local sourcing

We grow our own and have long standing partnerships working with growers in Ireland for:

  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Brassica: Cauliflower / Broccoli / Cabbage / Sprouts
  • Root Veg: Parsnips/ Turnips/ Carrots
  • Salad Veg: Tomatoes / Lettuce / Scallions
  • Other Veg: Celery / Leeks
A close up show of strawberries growing on a plant
Lots of apples piled high
A counter top wtih cauliflower, kale, carrots, turnip and parsnips
A little boy holding a head of broccoli up to his face
Lots of red cabbage and some chinese leaves
Cherry tomatoes on the vine
A close up image of a head of lettuce with water droplets on it