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We’re deeply proud to be part of our community in North County Dublin. We love to get involved, providing local employment and supporting initiatives that enhance our area.

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Our longstanding partnership with Dublin Simon Community provides fresh food deliveries every week, helping to support those who need it most.

ClemenGold Foundation Ignite Youth Camps

donnelly fresh sponsor through our partners ClemenGold International.
Supporting children from disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Donnelly Fresh community initiatives in South AfricaDuring the ClemenGold Foundation’s Ignite Youth Camps, mentoring, wilderness experiences, and group activities are employed to empower groups to work towards a hopeful future, build resilience, self-reliance, independence and self-esteem.

High school students from disadvantaged communities in the areas where ClemenGold Int operates, as well as children of their employees, are recruited to attend these camps presented by Usiko.

Usiko is a Non-profit Organization (NPO) based in Jamestown, Stellenbosch, with more than 20 years experience in using a ‘rites of passage’ approach.

Camps are hosted in Kruirivier (Western Cape) and in partnership with the Hoedspruit Hub in Hoedspruit (Limpopo Province). After the camps, attendees continue to receive support, including personal development and career development initiatives.

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partnership with donnelly fresh to connect rural women to emerging dairy value chains

Vita partnered with donnelly fresh to provide small-scale female producers access to the technology (electric churns) to add value themselves and engage profitably with one of the better-established markets for dairy products in the country – butter.

This also helps households address another challenge facing dairy producers in Eritrea, especially in the central highlands where Eritrean Coptic Orthodox Christianity predominates; what to do with milk during the many fasting periods, in which dairy products are not consumed? Looking at long term prospects, a recent value chain analysis of the sector in Eritrea commissioned by Teagasc identified butter as the most profitable dairy product. And it stores much better and for much longer than milk does.

The support of donnelly fresh in this project has positioned 25 small-scale rural female dairy producers to take advantage of this emerging opportunity and increase their incomes and contribute to the livelihoods of their households (approximately 125 people benefiting in total).